Etihad Australia History Part 3

Etihad Airways presents convenient and highly regarded flight services with smooth check -ins and timely deliveries. The onboard facilities are exceedingly superior with proficient attendants at your service. The Airway operates about 1000 Etihad flights per week to more than 120 passenger destinations across the globe. It has a Boeing aircraft and Airbus fleet that amounts to 119. Etihad Airways also operates Etihad Holidays and Etihad Cargo. The company is world’s most popular carrier for domestic destinations with plenty of destinations in major cities.
History of Etihad AirwaysFounded with a start-up capital of AED 500 million in 2003, Etihad airlines is one of the fastest growing commercial aviation companies and a world leading airline. The national airline for the Arab Emirates was set following the Royal Amiri Decree issued by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Its hub is located at Abu Dhabi International Airport and headquartered at Khalifa City, United Arab Emirates. It’s the largest airline for the United Arab Emirates after Emirates. The airline commenced commercial flights on November 12, 2003, with the launch of services to Beirut. Etihad airlines reported the world’s largest aircraft order in commercial aviation history at Fambourouhg Airshow with 205 aircraft and 50 purchase rights.

Stakes acquired by Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways took a stake in Air Berlin of 29.21 percent and appointed James Horgan as the vice chairman. It then took other minor stakes in Air Seychelles, 40 percent, Aer Lingus, 2.897 percent. Etihad Australia was established when the airway took a ten percent stake inVirgin Australia. Other than Etihad Australia, the airline took a 33.3 percent stake in Darwin airway and on August 2014 took a 49 percent stake in Alitalia, an Italian carrier. Following a deal signed by James Horgan and Deputy prime minister of Serbia, Aleksander Lucia, Etihad Airways also took a 49 percent stake in Air Serbia.

The airline is among the few carriers in the world with destinations in all the worlds’ continents. Etihad Airways serves tens of passenger destinations all over the world with destinations in South America, Africa, Europe, North America and Australia.
Etihad Airways services are supported in two main languages, English and Arabic. The two languages are implemented for 24 hours 7 days a week. Other languages are also supported during local office hours only.
Early 2015, Etihad Airways acquired seventy five percent of Alitalia Loyalty. The company retained the remaining twenty five percent of the frequent flyer program. The company has strategic measures it has put forth in its effort to retain the market share and maintain customer trust. It continues to play the leading role in the highly turbulent industry.

Etihad Cargo

Etihad Airways have a total of six Boeings, three Airbuses and an Airbus freighter. Etihad Airways deliver tons of cargo of up to 368 000 tones in a year. The Etihad flights facility at Abu Dhabi International airport has the capacity to carry more than half a million tons of cargo every year.

Etihad Airways services

The services offered by Etihad Airways are meant to give you a fun-filled flight experience featuring elegant features for your satisfaction. Etihad comprises of three cabins – pearl business class, coral economy class and diamond first class.

1. Diamond first class

You will be treated to a table serving bistro-like cuisine and a welcoming cup of coffee, champagne and or other drinks after boarding the plane. You will get the limited edition amenity, The South kits. The kit content comprises of a colorful old Abu Dhabi weaving craft. The traveler’s gift is an effort put by Etihad Airways to promote UAE culture while helping skilled locals to market their crafts. Inside the kits is a load of extras like socks, toothpaste and Korres. The seats comprise an innovative design meant for a comfy and satisfying flight. Diamond first class has ample room where you can comfortably relax your hands and head, and you can sleep on the couch as you wait to reach your destination. You can tap the Privacy button at the ample room if you like to sleep throughout the flight. The entertainment options are well relaxing, with soothing music, widescreen TV and more than 16 radio channels to enjoy from noise cancelling headphones while enjoying delicacies like the Arabic Mezze, cheese pastry, Kibbeh, Hummus and Tahini sauce.

2. Pearl business class

The pearl business class now referred to as business studio comprises of premium cabins good for international business segments seeking comfy Etihad flights. As you are about to take off, you will stare at amenity kits, South kits, menus, welcome drinks not to mention warm service from the flight attendants. There is an internet service throughout the flight to keep you busy as you experience incredible times with Etihad airlines service. Also featured is dining that you can have any time rather than at fixed durations. The seats at business studio class can transform into a 180-degree comfy couch, with sufficient width and length to accommodate both tall and short people. Featured in the seats is a massage functionality. Each seat also features a touch screen tv, sufficient light with an eased control to make operation easy.

3. Coral Economy Class

The Coral Economy class can be better defined as warm hospitality beyond expectations offering a fun filled and comfortable flight. You can nestle under a warm fleece blanket or place your weight on a neck pillow. The interior environment is personalized to make your flight successful while delivering your needs. There are a well designed classy seats with sufficient space and simple yet innovative functionalities. Your comfort is assured with adjustable headrests and footrests as you experience interactive games, soothing music and a wide selection of interesting movies. The food is amazing. From Moroccan chickpea salad, appetizing tomato vinaigrette, Arabic Cous to the sweet Arabic Mezze that never fails. Every dinner is accompanied with a glass of wine.

Sponsorship and awards

Reputable UK football club, Manchester City renamed its stadium to Etihad stadium in 2011, a common reason that many believe the name Etihad means United. Other sponsorship made by the Etihad Airways includes Docklands Stadium in Melbourne, Al-Jazeera Club, Abu Dhabi international sailing school and Abu Dhabi Rugby Union football club.
With more than thirty awards and recognition in the World Travel Awards of 2009, World Leading Airline Awards of 2013, Award of the First- Class World Leading Airline and the famous Worlds Best First Class awards of 2010 by Skytrax at Hamburg, just shows how reputable the airline has become.


Etihad Australia History Part 2

Since 2003, Etihad Airlines has been a trusted airline for international travel. The name Etihad is a romanization of the Arabic word for “union”, aptly named for their strive towards uniting the people of the world in a hassle-free way. As of the writing of this article, the airline launches more than 1,000 flights a week with both passenger and cargo destinations sent across six continents with their massive feet of of 119 Airbus and Boeing aircraft.
Founded by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan by Royal decree in March with an initial AED500 million ($1.36m) start up, the airline launched its first ceremonial flight on November 5, 2003 to Al Ain. That same month, on November 12, Etihad flights launched commercial services to Beirut.

By 2004, Etihad flights had grown their fleet to five Boeing 777-300ERS and 24 Airbus aircraft, which would later include four A380-800s. In only four short years, those numbers would grow yet again to 205 aircraft—100 firm orders, 55 options and 50 purchase rights, carving Etihad into aviation history with the largest order in commercial aviation at the Farnborough Airshow.

Along with their flight services, Etihad has been the corporate sponsor for an impressive number of renowned events. In 2007 it was announced that they would be the headlining sponsor for the 2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The next year, 2008, they announced their takeover of the Docklands Stadium in Melbourne, which would be renamed to Etihad Stadium in March of 2009. Their most current partnership is with Major League Soccerto. As of March 2014, Etihad is the official partner of the MLS and will be for many years to come.

Being the second largest airline of the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airlines is the flag-carrier for the state, which grants preferential rights and privileges by the government for international operations. Etihad has used this title over the years in order to create partnerships with other international airlines around the world and in 2015 fully established the Etihad Airways Partners alliance. Included in this alliance are other renowned airlines: Air Berlin, Jet Airways, Air Serbia, and Virgin Australia are just a few big names that have partnered with Etihad. Due to these partnerships Etihad is one of the few carriers to have services to all six inhabited continents.

Most notably, Etihad Australia has made it possible to travel to new destinations in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands by introducing a seamless codeshare between airlines. The addition of Etihad Australia to this giant network of airlines has raised Etihad’s destination ports to more than 280 worldwide.

The biggest benefit of the Etihad alliance is how it has expanded their loyalty program. As of 2015 they share frequent flier benefits with Aer Lingus, Aerolineas Argentinas, Air Berlin, Air France, Air Seychelles, Air Serbia, Alitalia, All Nippon Airways, Air Astana, Air New Zealand, American Airlines, ASIANA airlines, Cyprus Airways, Bangkok Airways, Brussels Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Jet Airways, Kenya Airways, Korean Air, KLM, Malaysia Airlines, S7 Airlines, SriLankan Airlines, Ukraine International Airlines, Virgin Australia, Oman Air, Philippine Airlines, and Royal Air Maroc. This large network of airlines working in tandem to provide incentives for loyal customers is one of the many reasons Etihad Airlines continues to be a top choice for international travel. In addition to discounted flights, the Etihad store offers discounts on a large number of consumer goods, from jewelry to the latest in technology, going above and beyond for their loyal fliers.

With so many partnerships around the globe, Etihad has made it easy and stress-free to book flights. Their websites offer numerous ways to book a flight, including aiding in itinerary planning for those looking to make trips to multiple cities all over the world. From any of their websites, travelers can book their hotels, car rentals, train rides, chauffeurs, group transportation services, and purchase travel insurance and additional legroom on flights. This had taken away the hassle of planning a trip by anticipating the needs of their customers. They even offer meet and greets where travelers will be met by a member of the Etihad staff who will act as a guide and assistant for the duration of their time at the airport. These staff members are responsible for a number of jobs, including escorting customers to their pickup locations and acting as baggage couriers, ensuring your reunion with your luggage, brought directly from the conveyor belts at baggage claim to the curb.

Customers of the airline have had overwhelming response to the quality of service they have received. Across the board, it is agreed that Etihad is second to none with their ground services, cabin staff, and comfort while flying. Their lounges are known for high quality meals, with strong comparisons to five star restaurant cuisine.

Across the board, Eithad is a leader in aviation from both the corporate and consumer perspectives. With a high standard for excellence in their customer services and their growing network of destination locations, Eithad is the best choice in travel.


Etihad Australia History

One of the leading national carriers of the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Australia Airways, is a rapidly growing conglomerate which also controls Etihad Australia Holidays and Australia Etihad Cargo. Based out of Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi (near the Abu Dhabi airport), Etihad Airways has become the third largest airline in the Middle East.

The History of Etihad Australia 

Founded in 2003, Etihad Airways was established by Royal (Amiri) Decree issued by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan in July of that year. The company is managed by a governing board of seven members, an elected President CEO, and an executive team.The airline’s maiden flight to Al Ain, Abu Dhabi took place on November 5, with commercial operations to Beirut, Lebanon commencing the following week.

Etihad, the Arabic word for “union”, was given to the airline with the company’s goal of providing hospitality to both the East and West in the 21st century. Less than a year after its founding, the airline made a multi-million dollar aircraft order of five Boeing 777-300ERs and 24 Airbus models (which included 4 A380-800s). In 2008, the largest recorded aircraft order in commercial aviation history was made of over 200 aircraft.

After experiencing million-dollar profit margins and massive growth in the first decade of operations, Etihad Airlines invested with the following airlines in partnership: Air Serbia, Air Seychelles, AirBerlin, Alitalia, Jet Airways, and Virgin Australia. The result of these airline partnerships is a global network of over 325 travel destinations from the airlines’ Abu Dhabi hub.

Products & Services Offered by Etihad Airways

Etihad Australia Airways operates over 1000 flights weekly to six continents (Africa, Asia, North & South America, Europe, and Australia) with a fleet of over 120 aircraft models by Airbus and Boeing and nearly 200 more on order. Five cabin classes are available for passengers on Etihad flights to choose from in all service routes (including those in the Etihad Australia network), comfort and efficiency are provided to passengers at below-market prices.

  • The Residence (Airbus a380 flights only) – The ONLY three-room airline suite currently in existence for commercial travel; a high-end luxury cabin with a living room (reclining sofa, two dining tables, cabinet, & 32” TV), bathroom (shower, sink, toilet), and bedroom (double bed with Egyptian cotton bedding), in-flight butler and gourmet services included
  • The First Apartment (Airbus a380 flights only) – A revamp of the former first-class accommodations, this studio apartment-style has a convertible recliner chair bed, 24” TV, cabinet, and wardrobe unit; first-class amenities preflight include lounge access with five-star dining, chauffeur and concierge services, and spa services
  • First Class Suite (Boeing 787-9 flights only) – Specially designed for narrower aircraft, this suits has a smaller recliner chair bed, dining table, 24” TV, cabinet, and wardrobe; first-class amenities preflight are the same as those for the First Apartment
  • Business Studio – With both comfort and functionality in mind, this cabin has a reclining chair bed and 18” TV; business-class preflight amenities include lounge access, chauffeur services, buffet meals, and snacks (additional amenities offered at the Abu Dhabi hub)
  • Economy Smart Seat – Extra-wide reclining seats, 11” touch screen monitor with entertainment system, fixed wing headrest for additional ergonomic support; amenities kit (dental care products, earplugs, eye mask, and footwear); menus with main course entrees and cafe service; Flying Nanny (assist with the needs of small children)

Special services offered that are unique to Etihad Australia Airways make it a worldwide leader in commercial passenger lines, including in-flight entertainment (state-of-the-art technology with Plug-and-Play and USB, broadband and WiFi, live TV), fine dining with wine selections and special meal options, U.S preclearance through ESTA (electronic system for travel authorization) which includes Etihad Australia service. On certain aircraft models. in-flight telephone facilities are also onboard.

The Etihad Guest Loyalty Program

Etihad Australia Airlines offers a four-tier frequent flier program for travelers with rewards and points redemption options which may be used with its 25 airline partners. Signup is easy through the airline website, and tier status is based on participation.

  • Etihad Guest (Basic level) – Offered to all new guest members; includes family membership, guest miles with airline partners, online redemption, waitlist priority, upgrade options, chauffeur service for business and first-class travelers
  • Etihad Guest Silver – All services offered with Etihad Guest but with a 25% tier bonus, guaranteed economy seat option (with 48-hr. booking advance), lounge access, excess baggage allowance
  • Etihad Guest Gold – All services offered with Etihad Guest Silver, but with a 50% tier bonus, guaranteed economy seat option (with 24-hr. booking advance), priority check-in and boarding, fast-track immigration and baggage processing, 3rd party nomination
  • Etihad Guest Platinum – All services offered with Etihad Guest Gold, but with a 75% tier bonus, special online redemption access, guaranteed economy seat option (with 12-hr. booking advance), guaranteed business seat option (with 48-hr. booking advance, first-class lounge access and check-in counter, gold discretionary nomination for one (1) guest

Customers are able to access their rewards profiles 24 hours a day for transaction details, account updates, booking information on Etihad flights, mileage claims, and other program-relevant information. Wallet Plus, a reloadable prepaid VISA card, is offered to UAE residents who are Etihad Guest Silver, Gold, or Platinum members.

Award-Winning Travel with Etihad

Etihad Airways has been the recipient of many awards and recognitions because of its top-notch customer and flight services, and its corporate sponsorship of several world-renowned events and organizations like Manchester City F.C. and the Washington Wizards. Included in the over 30 awards received are:

  • The World’s Top 10 Airlines of 2015 (number 6 position)
  • World’s Leading Airline (2009 through 2013)
  • World Best First Class (2010, 2013)